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Hero of the Month

O.N.E. Transport Group

O.N.E. Transport Group is a privately owned, Alberta based courier and less-than-truckload freight company operating province-wide through four integrated divisions:

·         Overnight Expedite

·         Black Dog Express

·         O.N.E. Final Mile

·         T.W.O. Final Mile Distribution

Overnight, Same-Day, Final Mile Delivery and Distribution services are provided to our customers across Alberta from 11 warehouses and depots, all coordinated through our Calgary Head Office.

O.N.E. Transport Group is an Alberta founded and owned company and we service every corner of this great province, delivering to thousands of Albertans every day. We live in many of the communities we service and have a direct interest in giving back to each one, ensuring we never take for granted the communal fabric that binds us all.

Our support of the Calgary Children’s Foundation has been a multi-year initiative driven by the O.N.E. Transport team. The team at O.N.E. Transport group has always been highly impressed with the work the Calgary Children’s Foundation does in supporting the smaller, but crucially important, children’s charities in southern Alberta. Without the Calgary Children’s foundation, many of these charities would struggle to compete for funds with the larger, more well known charities with well established and sophisticated communications strategies. This financial support fills a very important service initiative gap and helps to enrich young lives that might otherwise slip through the proverbial cracks.


In 2022, we are once again proud to be CHQR’s Hero of the Month for December and to do our part in supporting the important work of the Calgary Children’s Foundation!

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